According to “InterNations Survey 2016”, 85% of foreigners who live in Ukraine are satisfied with a level of their expanses. Ukraine occupies the first place on moderateness of accommodation prices and the second one on satisfaction with personal financial condition for foreigners according to Expat Insiders 2016 Rating. Kyiv is also well-known for it’s mental, historical, cultural, educational and other comfortable for living features of modern European capital. Therefore, having chosen Ukraine for education one can be completely sure in its top quality, security and correspondence to the highest European criteria. At the same time it is available at the cheap and reasonable price comparing with the rest universities of EU.

The list of documents required of potential student – the citizen of international state in order to enter to the Ukrainian university:

1.Documents originals on previous education with legalization (notarized in Ukrainian) – 2 copies;

2.Medical certificate on health status (to be translated into Ukrainian);


4.2 copies of the passport with translation into Ukrainian;

5.20 photos 3,5 Х 4,5 on the matte background.

Available specialties:

1.Theatre art (movie, TV);

2.Actor of the theatre;

3.Producer of the theatre;

4.Stage designer;

5.Theatre manager;

6.Puppet art;

7.Audio and visual art;

8.Cinema director;

9.TV director;

10.Director-sound producer;



13.Motion picture production;

14.Cinema critic.

Package price – 1500 USD (one-time only) for the whole period of studying

-European education in State Ukrainian University in Kyiv

-All the documents required in order to legally stay and live in Ukraine (visa support, Certificate on Temporary Residence in Ukraine, Security Service Certificate etc.);

-Full-time studies – 2500 USD per year

-Part-time studies – 2000 USD per year

-Accommodation 150 – 400 USD per month (depending on preferences of the client, type, location, features etc. of the accommodation)

-Organization of Ukrainian lessons (between 100 – 300 USD per month)

Deadline for application – November 01, 2017

Please, apply to: eteconsul@gmail.com